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Saturday, September 06, 2008


From ICHC, your source for all LOLcattage

And we're so hot we can hardly move. La Casa de Los Gatos doesn't have airconditioning. Back in the day, it wasn't needed because in the worst of years we'd have two to five days per year when the weather was really hot, in the 90s or 100s even. The rest of the time, it's cool and foggy here. Which sucks for the tomato crop, but makes the fur-coated among us very happy.

Well, what can we say except this year's tomato crop has exceeded all expectations? We've had 3-5 tomatoes each day from our two plants, big, luscious, juicy things that have a wild flavour and texture that makes the store-bought puppies taste like watery slush. Los gatos, on the other hand, have been competing to figure out who can get the longest, widest, and flattest shape on the marble tile floor. No other way to stay cool enough. They're even avoiding the sunshine.

It's been so hot and dry this year, so unseasonably hot, that our computer keeps switching itself off in the middle of a procedure. We bought a fan for it, but that just makes the "on" interval a little longer. And some sites (those heavy in audio/visual clips) can shut it down faster than it takes to burp.

What's a hapless hoomin to do? The pain meds are, um, strong, not to mention, they're starting to make us see things. Weird things. Tightrope-walking cats. Mice with hats. Maybe it's time to just have the surgery and be done with it. But there ya go. The insurance company has to approve, further testing must be conducted, and we just get less tolerant with each passing day. Gotta quit smoking, too. Makes the odds of surviving surgery much better.

This a.m., some idiot called at 5 in the wee hours and woke us from dreadful (but nevertheless enjoyable in a technical sense for those who like sensurround audio and visual effects) dreams. Worse yet, we were constrained to be polite. A relative, never before met and very presumptuous indeed. Don't they realize we are eremetical curmudgeons best left the fuck alone? Our response to the request for a call back:

From ICHC, your source for all LOLcattage

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At 12:12 AM, Blogger Batocchio said...

Holy crap. You were called at 5 in the morning? That's life-or-death territory.

Good luck with evil insurance companies, and enjoy the tomatoes!


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