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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Politics: Is It Impeachment By Another Name?

According to Raw Story, Rep. John Conyers, head of the House Judiciary Committe has begun an investigation into the "Imperial Presidency," he says. A hearing is scheduled for July 25th. Conyers has promised to look into these issues:
(1) improper politicization of the Justice Department and the U.S. Attorneys offices, including potential misuse of authority with regard to election and voting controversies;

(2) misuse of executive branch authority and the adoption and implementation of the so-called unitary executive theory, including in the areas of presidential signing statements and regulatory authority;

(3) misuse of investigatory and detention authority with regard to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals, including questions regarding the legality of the administration’s surveillance, detention, interrogation, and rendition programs;

(4) manipulation of intelligence and misuse of war powers, including possible misrepresentations to Congress related thereto;

(5) improper retaliation against administration critics, including disclosing information concerning CIA operative Valerie Plame, and obstruction of justice related thereto; and

(6) misuse of authority in denying Congress and the American people the ability to oversee and scrutinize conduct within the administration, including through the use of various asserted privileges and immunities.
The L.A. Times, which has been tireless in its efforts to kiss the Misadministration's rear-end recently, claims that this is not impeachment.

We realize that many Democrats voted for this Pretzelnitwit's Pet War and they're likely to be, um, smeared? when the fit hits the shan, but you know what? You're gonna get yours anyway, Dems, so you might as well start inching towards impeachment, you spineless fuckers.

Thank the Powers That Be for Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who has not wavered, even when Pelosi threatened him (we haven't forgotten about that, Nancy. We may not get you now, but we hear Hillary Clinton keeps a little book with the names of all the people who have ever crossed her in it. We might consider doing the same. You don't deserve to be in Congress, Ms. "Impeachment is off the table."). He has promised to keep bringing up the issue:
Kucinich had said that if his impeachment article was tabled he would simply propose another one. In June, he spent four hours on the House floor reading his longer resolution into the record, only to see it buried in committee.
Action items, people!
(1) Send Dennis email thanking him for his efforts;

(2) Send Pelosi email telling her to stand by her recent statement on impeachment;

(3) Send Conyers email telling him he must move towards impeachment;

(4) Follow up email to Pelosi and Conyers with phone calls and snail-mail.
If you didn't already know, Netroots Nation (formerly known as YearlyKos), a gathering of online activists, is sponsoring AsktheSpeaker, a forum in which you can pose questions for Nancy Pelosi. On Saturday, June 19th, at 9:00 am, Speaker Pelosi will be responding to those questions. For what it's worth, someone has already asked why impeachment is off the table, and that question is currently in the No. 1 spot. Please read the comments in response to that question, as they're very interesting.

In other news, legal scholar and law professor Jonathan Turley told Keith Olbermann on his program yesterday that there is evidence Jor Jee committed crimes in office and should be impeached. He also took Pelosi to task for failing to move on impeachment.
"An impeachment hearing needs to be focused and it needs to deal with things directly and frankly, as whether the president committed crimes," he continued, "And there is considerable evidence to say that the answer is yes."
Considerable evidence. Sigh. Click the preceding link to see the video clip at Raw Story.

In an article at OpEd News, Ralph Lopez points out the nine Republicans who broke ranks with their party to send Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment to the Judiciary Committee.
Congressman Kevin Brady (TX)

Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (MD)

Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC)

Congressman Don Manzullo (IL)

Congressman Tim Murphy (PA)

Congressman Ron Paul (TX)

Congressman Dave Reichert (WA)

Congressman Christopher Shays (CT)

Congressman Mike Turner (OH)
One of the Republicans, Walter Jones, represents Camp LeJeune in North Carolina, one of the largest Marine bases in the country, and one which has borne heavily the sacrifice of the Iraq War.

At least one of the Republicans who voted Yes on this bill claims that he did so because he wanted the bill to die in the Judiciary committee. Lopez asks that you take action to impeach Bush and Cheney. OpEd has set up a handy-dandy tool. Click on the link to get to it.

If any of the Republicans on this list happens to be your Congresscritter, you might consider contacting them and asking them to support the coming investigation. What the hell, contact them anyway. Let them know what you think, how you feel. It's your duty as a member of the electorate.

Naturally, has a different take on the whole issue, and thanks to The Young Turks for helping me find it. The site cites progressive hero Robert Wexler
“Capitol Hill is buzzing today with major developments regarding our campaign for impeachment hearings for President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Just today, in what could be described as a perfect impeachment storm:

"After stating unequivocally that impeachment "is off the table," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated to CBS News today that the House Judiciary Committee should address the issues that Rep. Kucinich's has raised in his impeachment resolution.... This issue now reaches far beyond the substance of the Judiciary Committee's original inquiry regarding the firing of US Attorneys for political purposes. The crisis at hand relates to our most fundamental laws and of our Constitution. It is, in many ways, more serious than the Constitutional crisis surrounding Watergate."
Now, Nance, we realize you had a good time kicking a certain idiot's ass all over the football field today, but calling him a "total failure" just does not make up for your unwillingness to put the little bastard in the hoosegow along with Unca Dick "Dick teh War Profiteer." It's where he belongs, and your nation will be deeply grateful to watch him frog-marched out of the WH in chains.

Rep. Kucinich has stated that a hitherto unidentified representative of a foreign government which is a U.S. ally will be testifying. Bradblog discusses the impeachment with links and details and a succinct summation by Rep. Kucinich on exactly why impeachment is so important. Go, Mighty Munchkin of Justice!

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At 10:46 PM, Blogger Friend of TPC said...

One more thing we can all do though I have little hope it will make any difference, is sign the petition here:
I signed it. I still gota try.

At 5:22 PM, Blogger sgtg said...

i never saw anything about the 9 repubs breaking rank in the "mainstream" media. JHFC, you'd think it would be news. Even big news.

At 8:09 AM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

You'd think. The mainstream media is spending every minute of its day publicly fellating the Republican Party and checking out every skanky singer and actress who goes out without knickers.


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