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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Politics: Conservative Compassion

For Bear Stearns Only, says Jor Jee.

That's right, people. Anybody out there losing their homes? Are you in the 0.5 per cent of wealthy Americans? Are you a bank? A financial institution? No?

Well, fuck off, then, says Jor Jee. He's going to veto the bill Congress just put together to help out the poor yobs who are losing their homes.
U.S. President George W. Bush would veto Senate housing legislation if it includes $4 billion in block grants to states to buy foreclosed homes, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said on Friday.
Disingenuous Dana the dotty airhead claims its because the bill might actually shore up Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae &mdash no, wait, because the bill would "not help homeowners."

Dana, put down the peroxide bottle, baby, it's eating away that last brain cell. The bill will give the money to states who can then purchase the foreclosed homes and keep the erstwhile homeowners in them, instead of letting them become abandoned potential crackhouses with all their metals gutted right out of them. Sure, it'll help the banks too, but given how much money your boss rushed out to help Bear Stearns, what's he complaining for now?

Most importantly, individual states can set up their own rules and rates for letting people stay in their homes. They could base it on need, for example, helping low-income people by buying out their foreclosure and giving them a rate of interest and payments that they can afford. Thus preventing the wholesale urban decay that has already overtaken many cities in which foreclosure has left homes empty.

Isn't it better to leave families in their homes, paying back their housing loans? Jor Jee would prefer to have them out on the street and funnel that money to the banks directly rather than having messy little people possibly benefiting from his largesse. What a scumbag.

Jor Jee is perfectly happy to let American cities crumble and decay while using taxpayer money to shore up Bear Sterns and the banks because banks, unlike cities, are "too big to fail." Meaning, if banks fail, his banker friends get it in the neck. If cities fail, it's just us out here who lose everything, including the family dog.

Anybody else notice that the bill would give about as much money to these fine United States than Jor Jee is spending in Iraq PER WEEK?

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At 3:17 PM, Blogger Friend of TPC said...

Oh my, I am in a rush right now so this won't be worded well, but this post hits a nerve for me. Bush will help those who least need the help, the rich, but the rest of America can just fuck off.
There is a book out now, I forget the author, that makes the case (if I got the numbers right) that the top 1% owns 90% of the wealth of this country. The remaining 99% of us gets to scrap around for the 10% of the wealth left over. But tax the rich? Oh no, we can't possibly have that. They don't have enough castles, yachts, and jet planes as it is. They need more, hell they need it all and we can all just go to hell, as we most certainly are. Ever wonder why this is the richest country in the world and yet our roads have pot holes and our bridges are falling down. It's because most of the tax burden is shifted onto the 10% of the wealth while the top 90% gets tax cuts. Even Warren Buffett has said as much when he said he pays a lower tax rate than his middle class secretary. It's bad enough to me when I see politicians like Bush screwing Americans. It's even worse to me when I see Americans voting for politicians like Bush who screw them royally up the ass. If McCain is "elected", it's going to be more BOHICA time (bend over, here it comes again).


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