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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Politics: Update on NRCC

What the Republican Party thinks of you, America!

We forgot to mention that Christopher J. Ward, NRCC treasurer for the past five years, who is being investigated by the FBI for the disappearance of large sums of money donated to the NRCC, was a partner in Political Compliance Services, the firm that did so much work for Swift Boat Veterans For Truth. If you remember anything at all about the Swift Boat Veterans, you will remember that truth was something with which they apparently had only the briefest of passing acquaintance. Mr. Ward's job was to assist these poisoners of the public discourse to spread their poison deep into the very veins of America's body politic.

Thanks to their lies and machinations (and no shortage of a spineless, grovelling, cowardly, lickspittle media) combined with the gullibility of millions of Americans who denied their deeply closeted selves and listened to uber-whore Chris "my head is bigger than the wheelbarrow I carry George's balls around in" Matthews drool and sigh over the Combuster-in-chief's Holy Ball-Package, we got four more years of wholesale destruction of our economy, damage of our banks, and breakage of every institution and organization required to keep this country functional.

It's only fitting that the Republican Party which shoved the Swiftboaters down our gullets and created a new term for our dictionaries that expresses the worst and slimiest of behaviour should be, as it were, hoist on its own petard. The NRCC is now asking all Republican lawmakers who might have had anything to do with Mr. Ward to examine their accounts for evidence of pilferage. At least two Republican legislators have reported "irregularities." Rodney Alexander of LA is not one of them, having cut his ties with Mr. Ward upon hearing of the NRCC's problems.

Mr. Alexander apparently prefers sexual scandals to financial. When we last heard of Rep. Alexander, he was deeply enmeshed in the Mark Foley "sexual improprieties with teenage pages" scandal, and was busy fending off a lawsuit for sexual harrassment of one of his own employees.

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