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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Politics: What's In That Kentucky Water?

Republican Rep. Tim Couch of Kentucky wants to make anonymous comments illegal on the Web. He claims it's to stop online bullying, but he's not going to fine the bullying commenters, he's going to fine the owners/operators of the Web sites on which the bullying comments are posted.

Rep. Couch, maybe you could go back to playing football instead of attempting to legislate? All those steroids and HGH you took back when you were playing professional sports appear to have affected what passes for thought processes in you.

Alright peeps, when are y'all gonna stop electing brain-dead actors and worn-out jocks and pathetic incompetent fratboys to high office?

We have to wonder if the idiot thinks this kind of thing can be enforced, and how he proposes to pay for enforcement? Here we got people shooting each other in the street and schools and homes, and we're gonna have our cops sit in the office and hunt through the, what, fifty million blogs and over 100 million web sites to verify that there are no anonymous comments, or if they exist, they're not the "mean and bullying" type of comments?

Why do Republicans hate free speech? And the Constitution? And America?

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