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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Meta: New Happenings At The Old Blog

Just a note to let you all know that La Casa de Los Gatos has joined the Out Of Iraq Bloggers' Coalition, and will be participating actively on that site and in any actions that they institute. This illegal and immoral war of occupation in Iraq has gone on too long, and we cannot take it any more. If we weren't a gimp on drugs, we'd get our ass down to the local street corner and hold a protest sign, like the brave folks on Wyanblog are doing.

We do what we can. We're also planning to participate in other ways. Perhaps we'll write Pelosi a daily letter till she relents and puts impeachment back on the table (yeah, right). Perhaps we'll fast right along with NTodd and the women of Code Pink. We gotta do something.

Meanwhile, if you would be so kind as to click on our advertisers, we would appreciate it. Every click of your mouse represents income to us, and our computer appears to be having problems (goddammit! and we just had it fixed late last year); it might need fixing or replacing, we're not sure, but the signs don't look good (100% CPU usage, followed by hanging; overheating; fan problems).

And of course, should you choose to donate to this site through PayPal, you won't hear a word of complaint out of us. We may even post more cat pitchers in a misguided attempt to show our appreciation. Gracias, from all los gatos at mi casa.

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