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Friday, February 08, 2008

Iraq: Out of Sorrow

comes something blessed, sweet, touching, and good. Thanks to Best Friends Animal Society, one of the most wonderful things to happen to animals anywhere. If you don't know Best Friends, we urge you to click this link. Thanks to Best Friends, people who love animals have found a whole new source of inspiration &mdash and practical instructions &mdash on how to help humanity's best friends, our beloved animals.

Sgt. Peter Neesley with Boris, who looks like he's saying "Halp!"

A soldier who died in Iraq on Christmas Day received - together with his family and his Best Friends - a very special present this week from Best Friends. Sergeant Peter Neesley, who had adopted a stray dog and her pup in Baghdad was able to give these sweet animals a gift of life &mdash a life that will undoubtedly be full of love, now, because the dogs are going to live with his family.
For weeks, the family has fought to have [the dogs, who were such a major] part of Peter's life given back to them.

On Friday afternoon, their wish came true.

As Mama, a black Labrador mix, and Boris, her white-and-brown spotted puppy, hopped out of a minivan, the family ran and knelt in the wet streets to greet them.

Peter Neesley's sister, Carey, cried.

"It's been such a long, complicated struggle and to see them finally come home is just amazing," she said.

Neesley said things hadn't been normal since the family learned that her 28-year-old brother had died in his sleep.
Thanks to Best Friends, and some other kind souls, including a veterinarian with the Iraqi Society for Animals who provided the vaccinations and papers the dogs needed to travel, and the airline (Gryphon LLC) that provided transport, the dogs are now home to help the family overcome the trauma of losing their loved one.

Sgt. Peter Neesley loved those dogs. Best Friends tells you their story, and his.

Mama and Boris, Sgt. Neeley's friends

We at La Casa de Los Gatos extend our very best wishes to los perros and to Peter Neesley's family. May the little fourfoots bring you consolation for your loss and help to heal your pain.

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