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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Politics: Oh, Happy Day

You know that song? It's a gospel song. We don't know it real well, unfortunately, just the chorus part that goes, "Oh, happy day ... When Jesus washed my sins away." It's a rockin' song, and we like to sing it out loud when we're happy.

Well, we're singing it right now. So loud, all los gatos at La Casa de Los Gatos have fled up the hill in search of a little peace and quiet.

Why, you ask? Or maybe you don't, but we're gonna tell you anyway: Because that rancid, sanctimonious, putrid little suckoff schmuck and professional whore, Joe LIEberWHORE, has just been stripped of his superdelegate powers - thanks to the Zell Miller rule.

Joe LyingWhore demonstrating his mancrush

Mind you, just last night Casa de Los Gatos treated los gatos to a DVD viewing of Indecision 2004, featuring insane, rabid Zell Miller flapping his pasty jowls at the Republican convention and threatening Tweety "Big-Head" Matthews with drawn swords at 6 am or something. So this news is especially welcome.

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