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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2008 Elections: Super Tuesday Big Whoop

So? Who won? How did it go?

Casa de Los Gatos stayed up late watching a Daily Show video from 2004 (keeps the blood pressure up) and checking the results from MSNBC and CNN periodically.

It looks as if the Democratic nomination is still up for grabs. Coming in, we had Barack Obama with Iowa and South Carolina. Obama went on to take Alabama (56%), Alaska (74%), Colorado (67%), Connecticut (51%), Delaware (53%), Georgia (66%), Idaho (80%), Illinois (64%), Kansas (74%), Minnesota (67%), Missouri (49%), North Dakota (61%), and Utah (57%).

Hillary Clinton came in with New Hampshire (39%) and took Arizona (51%), Arkansas (69%), California (52%), Massachusetts (56%), Nevada (51%), New Jersey (51%), New York (57%), Oklahoma (55%), and Tennessee (54%). Clinton also campaigned in and took the states of Michigan and Florida, despite signing a pledge that she would not campaign in those states. Michigan and Florida Democrats had tried to force their primaries ahead of New Hampshire and were subsequently punished by the DNC who refused to seat their delegates. Clinton's win in those two states thus does not count, although she is now attempting to force the DNC to seat those delegates in violation of the agreements she and they signed.

At last count, Obama has 485 delegates going in. Clinton has 582. New Mexico is still too close to call, with 92% of precincts reporting and Obama with 49% of the vote to Hillary Clinton's 48%.

On the other side of the fence, McCain walked in with New Hampshire, took Arizona (47%), California (42%), Connecticut (52%), Delaware (45%), Illinois (47%), Missouri (33%), New Hampshire (37%), New Jersey (55%), New York (51%), and Oklahoma (37%). He now has 516 delegates and needs approximately 675 more to win the nomination.

Romney walked in with Michigan (39%) and Nevada (51%), and took Alaska (44%), Colorado (59%), Maine (52%), Massachusetts (51%), Minnesota (42%), Montana (38%), North Dakota (36%), Utah (90%) - big surprise, and Wyoming (67%).

Repulsive walleyed Bible-thumper Mick "FriedSquirrels" Hickabee walked in with Iowa, took Alabama(41%), Arkansas (60%), Georgia (34%), Tennessee (34%), and West Virginia (52%).

Current delegate count between these three repulsive excuses for human beings is: McCain - 516; Romney - 207; Hickabee - 146.

To no one's surprise, the delusional godbotherer (as opposed to the delusional mad cultist, or the delusional warmonger) issued the following statement from his popcorn popper:
"Over the past few days a lot of people have been trying to say that this is a two-man race -- well, you know what? It is, and we're in it!" Huckabee said at his campaign headquarters in Arkansas.

He's in it, alright, but in what decency forbids me to say.

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