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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day: The Official ParTay


Hello, one and all.

Big thanks to Skippy and Jon Swift for organizing teh Coolest Party on teh InterMets. Thanks to Blogroll Amnesty Day, the denizens of Casa de Los Gatos and CultureVultures have met scads of interesting bloggers, each with something unique to say.

We welcomed some over the weekend, and we welcome the rest today. Come in, kick off your shoes, make yerselves comfortable, and don't step on the kittehs. Visitors? Please click on any of these links to find something fascinating and new on the 'Net:

Alien Trucker shares an enormous collection of entertaining and disturbing video clips

Sungold brings her kitteh to the party over from Kittywampus where she waxes poetic on fake nutz and other laughable sexism

Bustednuckles over at Ornery Bastard has some vitriolic rants about the undead and political power, among others

Charles H. Butcher III over at ChuckFor ... sez call him Chuck, and then tells you what he thinks of many things political

Some interesting folks over at CrinchPin entertain with video clips and rants on politics and self-styled inappropriate behaviour

Stephen Herron of New Milford, Conn., offers insights and news from "the only blogger guaranteed to be plastered all over the Internet" at Drinking Liberally in New Milford

Rack Jite takes making politics very very funny over at his corner of the 'Nets - we blogrolled him as Liberal Snark eons ago but never held the proper party with sardine and cucumber sammidges

Monkeyfister kicks booty as only Monkeyfister can

Ted climbs on his Soapbox and holds forth on politics and the primaries eloquently and at length

Brandy makes a delightful moue over at her magazine, linking to all manner of things cool and poetical and (tee)shirty

Pamela and her pals over at The Democratic Daily have plenty to say about Democratic politicians and politics, complete with pix and graphs and charts

And a Doctor of Divinity over at The Grand Panjandrum passes along some divine music clips and recipes while offering tips for survival during Superbowl, Nekkid People and all

You can meet yourself a sweet plushy dog over at White Dogs and send him your good wishes

And Zencomix picks up a pencil and uses it to mercilessly tickle your funnybone

Link us, and we'll link you! And a million thanks to Skippy (linked as Blogtopia! on our blogroll) and Jon (linked as Swiftian Snark on our blogroll) again, for getting the party started.

Sarnies and biscuits for all, and tea, of course.

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