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Monday, February 04, 2008

Meta: Post-B.A.D. Policy Announcement

Well, that was some three-day blowout of a party. Exhausted from checking out all the other bloggy richness around the Net, but very pleased and satisfied with a very successful blogiphany.

Policy changes at Casa de Los Gatos: Due to the immense response to B.A.D., it's going to take some time to get the blogroll caught up. If you don't see yourself on our blogroll, please be patient. We're working flat-out on several projects and can only spend so much time catching up.

However! Casa de Los Gatos hereby announces that this blog and CultureVultures plan to scour the celebrants of B.A.D. and add any new blogs to our blogroll. Should the blogroll become unwieldy, we will take steps to organize it better, but unless bloggers cease blogging or become personally vituperative or involved in illegal activity, we do not plan to amnesty ourselves and kick them off our 'roll.

In addition, each week we will link to at least one post from a new blog on our roll. All three of our readers will, no doubt, find it fascinating enough to cause a slight bump in your traffic. Whether you find that pleasing or annoying is, ultimately, up to you. Don't feel that you need to reciprocate in any way. Our purpose is to find and enjoy, and offer up for our visitors' enjoyment, examples of good blogging wherever we may find it.

If for any reason you feel that a particularly fine post of yours deserves greater linkage, please send us the URL. If we do not reply within a week, it means only that (a)all our fingers are broken OR (b)we're violently ill OR (c)we're dead. Or all of the above. We will do our utmost to respond to both of you in a timely fashion. If you don't get linked on this blog it's probably because we found your material more suitable for our other, even tinier blog, CultureVultures. Ms. Manitoba rules it with an iron fist and, being painfully employed, doesn't always have time to give us permission to rampage about over there. Nevertheless, we struggle on.

Finally, thanks very much to all of you who visited and made the celebrations so memorable. We hope you keep coming back and that we all progress in this endeavour together. You know there ain't no money in this, so we're all doing it for love. We here at Casa de Los Gatos wish you the very best in the blogyear ahead,and hope to see all of you and more at the next celebration.

Special thanks to Skippy and Jon Swift, two of the finest bloggers in the blogosphere with a real commitment to grassroots activism.

For more about the origins of this virtual carnival, see here and here.

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