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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2008 Elections: Romney Takes Michigan

Well, it's official. Mitt Romney now has Michigan and Wyoming. McCain has New Hampshire. And Huckabee has Iowa. They're heading on to South Carolina next.

This is great. I just hope Edwards takes SC resoundingly, and if Ron Paul and Kucinich can take one state each, that will keep the elections in a good state of flux. The pundits will have to keep their cakeholes otherwise occupied - hopefully they like the peppermint flavour of shoe soles.

In other news, MSNBC has the gall to opine that allowing Dennis Kucinich into the Dem debates is an infringement on their journalistic freedom. They wouldn't know journalistic freedom if it bit them on their collective pasty white ass.

Hillary Clinton's campaign has been marred by her advisors' - and her own - racist attitudes. However, sharply worded rebukes from various Dem factions have led to her and Obama promising no further slime.

We still think John Edwards has the best political positions and is the most electable of the current high-profile candidates.

As for the republicans, we sincerely hope the voting public wakes up and sees John McCain for what he is. You can read about McCain's involvement in the savings & loan scandal here. For information on his treatment of U.S. military veterans who have fought to reclaim POWs and MIAs in the Vietnam war, go here. For more information on various McCain shenanigans, look here.

We don't like McCain's nasty temper - legendary in the halls of the Legislature - but we're willing to overlook it. We're even willing to believe he reformed after the Keating S&L scandal involvement. What really puts our back up about McCain is the way he panders to Bush and the fundie rightwing nutcases, after Bush stuck it to him and slandered him and his family. Watching McCain kiss Jerry Fallwell's blubbery ass drove the final nail into the coffin.

Well, on to Nevada and South Carolina. We'll see what the next month brings.

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