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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Politics: Bush At 45%?

There was a time - right after September 11, 2001 - when George Bush enjoyed over 80% approval from the American electorate, and all over the world, people said, "Today, we are American." In Iran, Belgium, Russia, Palestine, Germany, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Korea, the Philippines, Sweden. See for yourself.

Today, after seven years of George W. Bush, there is hardly anyone left anywhere in the world who views America with sympathy. Sure, there's a few dictators here and there who have benefited from America's largesse who still smile when Georgie comes a-callin'. But even our pet dog Pervy Musharraf threatens to bite our feeding hand when Georgie so-generously offers to "help" in the war against al-Qaeda in Pakistan. Georgie has refrained from commenting on Pervy's barks. Hard to admit that an "ally" to whom you've given $10 billion back when the U.S. dollar meant something would actually flip you the finger, huh George? Besides, Pervy probly wants Euros these days. They're worth more.

So how come the White House is feeding its lapdogs in the mainstream press a line of bullshit that claims Idiot McChimptard will see his poll ratings increase to 45% before he leaves office? (Like 45% is anything to be proud of - it's the equivalent of his grades in college, I guess. A Gentleman's C, as they call it.) I very much doubt the Idiot-in-Chief will accomplish anything for all the taxpayer-funded flitting about the world he's doing at present. America is really sick and tired of him, and unless he manages to end the war in Iraq, give Americans working healthcare, completely rebuild New Orleans, fix the recession, improve the employment rate, repair the crumbling infrastructure and fend off the massive foreign investment that U.S. financial institutions are seeking to help them keep their feet - and all within the next 300-odd days - he doesn't have a prayer of his ratings improving.

Apparently, the rest of the world is sick of him too. From the WaPoo:
But [...] much of the enthusiasm comes from anticipation of President Bush's departure, according to several analysts. U.S. prestige and popularity in much of the world have sunk to historic lows since Bush took office, over such issues as the Iraq war and climate change. Many analysts said the election has created high expectations that the new president will be more in tune with the rest of the world.
And he really believes he can broker a peace between Arabs and Israelis? A people that has been at war since Isaac and Ishmael were children? A man of little intelligence, less talent, no competence or worth or integrity. He thinks that haw-hawing with the leaders will substitute for a genuine meeting of minds.

Perhaps I shouldn't invoke Georgie's name in any sentence and marry it to "thinks." It's clear enough, after seven long years that thinking is something utterly foreign to him. He arrives at his ideas about the world by translating the rumbles from his intestines. He said so himself.

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