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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Women's Rights: The Right Not To Be Abused

That's a basic human right, correct? The right not to be beaten? That's not asking for "special rights," is it? Everybody has a right to be secure in their body and know they're not going to be beaten and killed just because they're female. Right?

What kind of monster beats his own child to death because she's a girl and not a boy?

This one. That's what this guy did. He beat a 4-month old baby - his own flesh and blood, his own daughter - to death because he wanted a son and got a daughter.

We do understand people who kill their stepchildren. It's instinctive in most animals to refuse care for those not biologically related. But to murder your own children? That's incomprehensible to us. And a baby! We have no special love for babies, regarding them as a loud noise at one end with no sense of social responsibility at the other, to quote someone more famous. But to beat a tiny, defenseless baby - your own baby - until she dies - that, we hope, sends this guy straight to the death penalty. Pertinent quote:
Gomez-Romero told deputies that he would slap his daughter on the ribs while she was sleeping, and the Medical Examiner's Office said the girl had dozens of rib fractures, a bruised liver and a hemorrhage in her left eye, according to the Polk County sheriff's report.
Is this not the best argument against the existence of a just and loving Deity?

This man must never ever be allowed to inflict something like this on society again. Take away his freedom forever, in fact, take away his life.

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At 8:52 PM, Blogger Ms. Manitoba said...

Ms. Manitoba protests.

The death penalty is NOT the answer. Unless your question is blood lust. PolCat, you are a passionate soul. And it enrages you when the innocent are treated cruelly. But, please think about it.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

I rely on you, my conscience. But think of that poor child. Why must this man be allowed to draw another breath when that poor girl cannot? Who could find it in their heart to beat a baby? To death? I apologize for being a misanthrope. Educate me.


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