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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

World: Iran and WWIII

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Cheney and his hunchmen (thanks, FZ!) keep trying to start World War III, because that's what an attack on Iran will do, you know. Propel the world into WWIII. Raw Story tells us today that the US is using an international criminal investigation into a 1994 terrorist attack in Argentina to keep the drums of war beating.

The 14-year-old probe claims Iranian agents planned the bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people.
"One U.S. goal is to cause legal problems for some of Iran's political leaders," report Jay Solomon and Evan Perez. "Administration officials also hope to use the matter to highlight Iran's alleged role in financing and supporting terrorism around the world."
Dick and Bush aren't doing a thing about Darfur, or the instability in Pakistan, the renewal of the Taliban, galloping inflation here at home, and the general horrendous state of the U.S. economy. The latest news on the economy is so depressing, we don't even want to link to it. We'll post separately about it, though, when we feel a little better. Might take a couple of barrels of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Bush's Arab "allies" are seemingly remarkably lukewarm about his various yawps. Raw Story tells us:
While Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia has voiced concern over the rise of Shiite Iran, it is opposed to another war in the region after the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq that has strengthened the Islamic regime in Tehran.
What's more, he's all but begging them to lower the price of oil or produce more, and they're flipping him the metaphorical finger.
"Our interest is to keep oil supplies matching demand with minimum volatility in the oil market," Oil Minister Ali Naimi told reporters. "We will raise production when the market justifies it. This is our policy."


Earlier Tuesday in Riyadh, Bush warned that soaring oil prices could cause an economic slowdown in the United States.
Could cause. He means "has already caused," the dumbkopf. Tete-de-merde. Imbecile. Moron. Scheisskopf. Pendejo. Kundemaire. Jhatarbari. Lokhisara. Onibaba. Bakaru. We can't find enough words in enough languages to describe this miserable pathetic little excuse of a man. He reminds us of someone's mentally and emotionally defective relative, the one that nobody invites over because the last time they did and left him alone for a few minutes, he shit on the floor, smeared it all over the walls, broke all the crystal and china, pissed on the brand new carpet, wiped his shitty hands all over his new clothes and hair, and then accidentally set the house on fire.

And he thinks he's going to get Israel and Palestine to sign off on a peace treaty this year. No doubt Dick sent him off to keep him out of trouble while he plots and connives to start World War Three.

How to stop them? Well, the Wexler for Congress Campaign has posted a diary over at DailyKos, outlining the steps they are taking to impeach Dick, at least, if not The Idiot In Charge. They need your help. Please, if you value your children's and grandchildren's and friend's and relatives' and pets' lives, go read the diary and take the recommended action. These people are crazy enough to destroy every living thing merely to gratify their egos.

So please do your bit. Get the murderous warmonger Cheney out, and Idiot McChimpy might be easier to handle. And you and the ones you love might just live to see another day, month, year.

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