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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Iraq - New Lawsuit For Blackwater

These thugs cannot be taken down fast enough, for my taste. As long as this organization continues to exist, they are providing cover and money for some truly despicable war criminals who continue to murder with impunity. That's right, I said "murder," as in "cause the death of another human being with malice aforethought." As long as "security contractors" like Blackwater continue to provide military training and arms to people who will do anything for money, as long as a privatized military walks the face of this earth supported by U.S. taxpayer dollars, they are a threat to democracy everywhere.
What's to prevent Boy George from ordering them to shoot Americans in the city streets of the U.S.A.? Especially now that both the country's military and the National Guard are broken from overlong deployments or away at the scene of other war crimes?

At any rate, Raw Story reports that a survivor of the September incident and the families of some of the deceased have joined with the Center for Constitutional Rights and the law firm of Burke O'Neill LLC and Akeel & Valentine, P.C., to bring suit against Blackwater for
[...] "death, physical, mental, and economic injuries," [and seeks unspecified compensatory damages] as well as punitive damages.
Raw Story includes a link to the full text of the complaint as well as a synopsis of the suit, for the interested.

This is why we need the rule of law and trial lawyers. The right-wing noise machine will never hold itself accountable, and nobody else seems to have the balls to even try.

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