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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Consumer Alert - Target's New iPod

What the ??? You have to read this story twice to absorb it. Woman buys what she thinks is a video iPod for the sprog, takes it home, opens it, finds a box o'rocks. The Consumerist carries the story from Dave Lieber at the Star-Telegram.

The store refuses to refund the woman's money because she bought the product with the store credit card. They agree to give her a store credit because they don't have the product in stock. Finally, they direct her to another of their stores that has the product in stock, and she asks to open the box before buying the product. The store refuses. She charges the product, and opens the box to find - another box o'rocks!

Some birthday present. Some birthday.

On the other hand, why give your teenager some expensive toy like this? If s/he wants it, let her/him get a job and save for it.

The average American is carrying $10K in debt because they're spending their dosh on stuff they don't need.

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