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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LGBT Issues - Say WHAAT??

A bouncer gets to boot someone from the women's bog because "she looks too manly"? What the fuck is this about? Khadijah Farmer of New York City is suing the club Caliente Cab Company in Greenwich Village for booting her from the women's restroom when a female patron complained.
"Now what happened to me inside of Caliente Cab should not happen to anyone anywhere," Farmer said in an Associated Press video. "New York City has always been and will continue to be an extremely diverse place to live in, and men and women come in all shapes and sizes."

"I told him I was a woman, and I tried to show him my I.D.," Farmer told AP about the bouncer who confronted her in the bathroom. "He refused to look at it. I was extremely uncomfortable and quite humiliated."
He? A MAN goes into the women's restroom to evict a woman? I find that at least as infuriating as the possibility that a man might be using the women's restroom in the first place.

I'd like to know who complained and why. If you think someone is in the wrong restroom, you can tell them so, and if they offer to show you ID, you should look at it, not leap to conclusions. Sheesh! What, only lipsticked wimmin are allowed in the women's bog these days?

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