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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Politics - Updated FISA Act

Bruce Fein nails it again, dammit. The former Reagan Administration official points out (via Raw Story) that the updated FISA Act
"... really does nothing with regard to trying to restrain the president's unfettered exercise of authority to gather foreign intelligence, ... ."

Fein told MSNBC host Keith Olbermann that the president still claims "inherent constitutional power to flout any law that Congress enacts."
Because, goddammit, the only thing that will "restrain" this hapless boob and his coterie of misbehaving thugs is the fear of jail time. If he is not impeached, if impeachment is "off the table" in the words of Nancy Pelosi, why the fuck should he listen to anyone?

Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reed, he must have pictures of you in a three-way with fainting goats, or something, because if he isn't flat-out telling you that he thinks you can kiss his saggy, flabby, wrinkled spotty ass, I don't know what else you can interpret his behaviour as. You're a pair of idiots who deserve to be voted out of office ASAP.

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