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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Immigration - Fit Hits Shan

Well, we blogged it back when, and nobody listened.
Seems to me the only time we hear people whining about immigration is when their own comfort is somehow affected. But do they target the people responsible for their discomfort? The big multinational corporations that ship hundreds of thousands of decent paying jobs overseas to be performed by prison labour and slave labour while simultaneously insisting on huge tax breaks and multimillion dollar salaries and bonuses for the executive echelon?

No, their wrath is aimed at the illegals from Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Nicaragua, who toil in the fields for a pittance, and often end up unpaid and turned in to the authorities to be deported.
Now farmers are saying it, and is anyone listening?

NBC reports that farmers in California are worried that their produce will rot in the fields because no illegal immigrants are showing up to pick it, thanks to tightened border security.

We already know that heating costs are going right through the roof this winter.

We know that the recent push for corn-based ethanol is sending food costs climbing.

We know that the Iraq war is costing us $720 million PER FUCKING DAY. And that's after underfunding the VA, refusing soldiers mental health treatment, making them wait 6 months before their benefits kick in, using dirty tricks to deny them college funding via the GI bill, underestimating the rate of TBI (traumatic brain injury) and denying them treatment for it, and illegally refusing to increase their basic pay.

Chimpy McBrainless claims he's listening, but farmers ain't buying it:
The Bush administration has learned of the possible loss of millions of dollars for thousands of farmers throughout the country, and is attempting to loosen visa requirements for workers.

However, farmers told Garza the attempt is "too little too late."
Of course, the Idiot 'n Thief only claims he's listening because that lets him blame - Congress, not the rabid conservative base who have been threatening to desert what's left of the Repuglican Party in droves in retaliation for its perceived "support" of brown people.

Well, be careful what you wish for, you fucking troglodytes, because you might get it.
Experts expect the impact on agribusiness to affect Americans' pocketbooks, Garza said.


The owner of JJ&F Food Store, John Garcia, said in the long run consumers will feel the impact of fewer farm workers.

"The supply is going to be down," said Garcia. "Demand is going to be up. It's going to increase. It's going to increase a lot."
I'm telling you. These mean "compassionate conservative" motherfuckers are planning to starve us to death. When food riots break out, they'll send in Blackwater (because the National Guard and Army are off in Iraq, where they can't protect the citizens against the government's unwarranted seizure of power) and kill us in the streets like rabid dogs.

Impeach the bastards NOW!

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