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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Consumer Alert - Food Additives

Pic from About Healthy Food

Is anyone really surprised by this story? I'm not. Eating food with additives, preservatives, food coloring, et cetera, has always made me feel terrible. I did it anyway for the longest time for various stupid reasons. Too busy to eat. Craving potato chips. Must Have Orange Fake Cheese. Whatever. It's been a few years since I ate any of that stuff, and lately my body's been really appreciative.

So parents - if your kids are out of control? Put them on a healthy food regimen. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, minimal added fat, small quantities of protein. Sure they'll hate your fucking guts for a while, and scream and cry and carry on. Don't give in. My parents made us eat our vegetables at an early age, and nowadays I thank them for the fact that I developed a taste for vegetables and have always eaten my five servings daily. Your kids will thank you too, someday.

And if you're an adult and you're still eating all this shit? For crisake, stop it. It makes you crazy and sick. Just start slowly, find some good recipes for spinach and broccoli and other stuff that is really really good for you, and eat that. Eat quinoa. Brown rice. Bulgur wheat. Whole wheat pitas. Join WeightWatchers if you want, or google recipes and healthy eating. Dump the crap in your food before it turns you into a pile of very sick or dead crap.

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