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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tired of you, America

Ms. Manitoba has had a stressful week. Had to have a punky tooth pulled a couple of days ago. Plus a little oral surgery. Now my tongue is acting like a nosy kitten. Can’t keep away from that fleshy canyon surrounded by sutures. I can’t suck, spit, sneeze, sniffle, or smoke because the surgery was very near the membrane to my sinus cavity. At least I don’t smoke. I must say the oral surgeon was fantastic! He even called me at my home hours after the procedure to ask me how I was doing. Is that a mensch or is that a mensch?

I did go out with one of my best friends last night - Rob. He had tickets to see Rufus Wainwright at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. It’s a great venue. Great sound and great lighting. However, parking is atrocious and you end up paying for parking at the Masonic Auditorium parking lot -- for $15.00.

Rob and I had dinner at a great Vietnamese restaurant on Polk St. called Aux Delices. We had a dish called Caramel Salmon that was really good ... and nice and spicey for me. (PolCat would think it bland.)

The concert actually had three bands. A Fine Frenzy opened.

It was a trio: guy on the drums, guy on electric keyboard, and a woman playing piano and singing. I thought they were really good. A short set, but a strong one. Everyone played well.

Next was Sean Lennon and his band.

Sean Lennon (left) and Mathieu Chedid (right) in the 2007 music video for L'Eclipse.

This was a treat for me because I had finished The Beatles by Bob Spitz just a couple of months ago. And had been wondering what kind of relationship Sean and Julian had. They had such different experiences with their father. This concert didn’t answer that question ... but made me think again. Sean used to look more like his mum when he was a kid ... from photos that I saw years ago. Now he really looks a mixture of his two parents. Last night, he looked a lot like John. And a couple of times his voice sounded like John’s too. I thought his band was good. But I hope they get better material. Voices are good and their muscianship is quite good too. But the material left me cold. Plus, Sean, even though he has some very nice qualities when relating to the audience, doesn’t have a strong presence. Maybe it’s just too bad that they came on before Rufus Wainwright. Rufus has presence in spades. And maybe as Sean gains in experience, he’ll let his own kind of presence show more and more.

Rufus. He was great. He’s got a fantastic band. What a voice! I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Rufus is very playful on stage and enjoys showing off his engaging costumes.

I had read about Rufus Wainwright many times over the last seven or eight years. I think I’d heard him on NPR ... but never bought a cd of his. What a treat!

A song Rufus did last night ... beautiful melody ...

Going To A Town

I'm going to a town that has already been burnt down
I'm going to a place that has already been disgraced
I'm gonna see some folks who have already been let down
I'm so tired of America

I'm gonna make it up for all of The Sunday Times
I'm gonna make it up for all of the nursery rhymes
They never really seem to want to tell the truth
I'm so tired of you, America

Making my own way home, ain't gonna be alone
I've got a life to lead, America
I've got a life to lead

Tell me, do you really think you go to hell for having loved?
Tell me, enough of thinking everything that you've done is good
I really need to know, after soaking the body of Jesus Christ in blood
I'm so tired of America

I really need to know
I may just never see you again, or might as well
You took advantage of a world that loved you well
I'm going to a town that has already been burnt down
I'm so tired of you, America

Making my own way home, ain't gonna be alone
I've got a life to lead, America
I've got a life to lead
I got a soul to feed
I got a dream to heed
And that's all I need

Making my own way home, ain't gonna be alone
I'm going to a town
That has already been burnt down

ⓒ Rufus Wainwright

He is also so gay ... so comfortably gay. And, yes, he’s sometimes flamboyant in that way I love and admire about all of us lesbigaytransQ people. (Q=questioning or queer, whatever suits yr fancy.)

Check this out: Rufus does Judy

then there’s, Across the Universe by Lennon and McCartney

And, did I mention that he's Canadian? Mais, oui! His mum is Kate McGarrigle. Dad is Loudon Wainwright. Another lad with famous parents.

Sean’s band joined Rufus’ band for a very spirited encore at the end. They did “Across the Universe” together. They all sounded great! It was an exciting performance by everyone.

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