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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Health - Better Dead Than Fat

I realize that there is a lot of pressure upon women to conform to a ludicrous concept of size/weight - but is it worth dying for? Apparently, the latest trend in femicide is for young women diabetics to forgo their insulin shots to ensure quick and drastic weight loss. Fine. I've struggled with my weight issues over the past few years thanks to the injured knee which keeps me from working out. That, coupled with my inordinate love of food, has kept me working on the issue. But girls, girls, girls! It's one thing to want to look slim and trim - everybody wants to look good, and I don't care what the Fat Acceptance folks say, when you're too fat to sit, stand, or walk comfortably, you don't look good. It's quite another thing to willingly kill yourself by degrees:
Matt Hunt, science information manager at Diabetes UK, said it was hard to know exactly how many young people are abusing their insulin, but the charity estimated it would be one in three young women with diabetes, which translates to about 3,000 people.
When you wake up with blindness, permanent nerve damage, kidney damage, or heart damage, it will be too late to reverse the problem. You want to lose weight? Eat less, exercise more, drink lots of water and stay away from "empty calories" - foods that contain plenty of sugar or fat or combinations thereof, with no nutritional value.

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