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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Animals For WaterTiger and FourLegsGood

Yes, lazy me - I'm under orders, from Smokey, to read more and blog less, which is why the blogging's been light of late. But since Smoke's started posting to my blog, I'm taking advantage of light supervision to return to my wicked ways. Surfing YouTube for fun video clips to watch, mainly because I'm so deeply angry and depressed over the Misadministration's contempt for democracy, the law, and justice. Can't bring myself to blog about it yet. Maybe tonight after a few gallons of wine.

So I found this great clip from Big Cat Rescue, a wonderful organization which takes care of these enormous, and rapidly disappearing, beauties, especially after their human "owners" have mistreated, or become bored with or afraid of, them. There's a nice line in there about the lynx's plushy paws, which reminded me of how very fond 4LG is of plushy kitty pawpads - these should keep you for a week, 4LG!

And then, of course, that beautiful tiger leaping in the pond - a perfectly WaterTigrish thing to do. I miss the Queen of Snark, but she's off having a wonderful, and much-needed vacation. Welcome back whenever you get back, WaterTiger, and I hope you enjoy the video:

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