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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Environment - What Global Warming?

Because Dear Leader's single brain cell exists in a semi-frozen state thanks to the large quantity of cocaine and alcohol it's been pickled in, he "doesn't believe" in global warming. Meanwhile, the entire world is suffering heat waves and strange weather pattern.

6 dead in Bangladesh, where temperatures reached 104F.

37 dead in a heat wave in India, where temperatures reached 101F.

26 dead in a heat wave in Pakistan, where temperatures reached 118F.

At least 46 dead due to heat wave in Southern Europe.

Heat wave causes fires in Sicily and Calabria, Italy.

Heat wave causes forest fires in Greece, At least 15 dead, temperatures reached 115F.

Massive fire in Cyprus, resulting in evacuations. Cyprus has requested help from Israel, and temperatures have reached 104F. No deaths reported.

Meanwhile, ponds in the Arctic are drying up. Spain is reporting a major fire. Spreading fires have hit the south of France.

13 dead due to flooding in Turkey.

Floods in Canada may have killed 2. Record-breaking snowpack and water levels.

Floods in the Solomon Islands have destroyed 95 per cent of the food-growing area and crops.

More than 50 dead in floods in Afghanistan. Total death toll in June in South Asia: 450.

49 dead in Oman due to cyclone Gonu, the fiercest storm to hit that country in 30 years. 3 dead in neighbouring Iran, which has managed to avert the worst of the storm. Authorities warned that more casualties are expected.
Update: 27 reported missing in Oman. Iran now reports 23 dead and 37 missing.

2 dead, 5 missing as severe storms lash Australia. Flash floods, gale-force winds, 200 evacuated, power cut to 60,000 homes.
Update: 9 dead in New South Wales. Also, "worst drought in a century" in Victoria, Australia relieved by "worst floods in 17 years." Meanwhile, the drought continues unabated in other regions.

3 dead due to flash floods in Switzerland.

66 dead due to floods in southern China. 12 missing. 48,000 homes destroyed, approximately 100,000 damaged. 300,000 hectares of crops affected. 100,000 evacuated from their homes. Damage estimated at $380 million.
Update: The death toll has risen to 76. 13.5 million people are affected, and damage estimates now stand at $606 million.
48 dead due to subsequent storms, 37 of them due to lightning.

At least 27 injured by violent storms in Germany. No deaths reported.

36 dead 61 injured due to heavy rains in Bangladesh.
Update: Death toll now at 134. Additionally, 11 dead due to lightning in India.

57 dead due to heavy rains and flash floods in Southern India.
Update: 144 dead. 43 more dead due to heavy rains last weekend. Toll now at 62 for Maharashtra state, 61 for Gujarat and West Bengal. Additional rain has pushed the death toll up to almost 500.

At least 40 dead and 150 injured due to floods Pakistan.
Update: Additional 242 dead due to storm in Karachi, Pakistan, as cyclone Yemyin heads in. At least 19 dead due to Yemyin, 200,000 homeless.

1 dead due to flash floods in Britain.

Yemen is facing the worst locust plague in 15 years. Authorities are warning that radical measures will be needed to save food crops and people. The locusts are expected to hit Pakistan and India next. The recent rainy weather there will create "ideal breeding grounds" for locusts, according to the FAO. Update on fatalities, if any.

The fiercest tornado to hit Vietnam in 20 years has destroyed several villages. 1 dead, 5 injured, 70 buildings damaged. Climate experts warn that there will be more such events and they will have increasingly severe results.

1 dead, 7 injured due to freak tornado in Myanmar.

14 dead, 150 injured due to tornado in eastern China.

A lake has mysteriously disappeared in Chile, leaving behind a 98-foot crater.

Lesotho experiences its worst drought in 30 years.

Cold snap in South Africa with the heaviest snowfall since 1981. 26-year record.

Climate change will cause serious water shortages affecting up to 1 billion people in Asia. Currently as many as half a million children die each year due to lack of access to safe drinking water.

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