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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Health - Rise In "Superbug" Cases

in the UK, at any rate. I believe the rate is also skyrocketing in the U.S., but don't have a cite.

This is why universal health insurance is so important. Don't think for one minute that if you're rich and can afford the best in health care, you're immune to all those nasty icky diseases out there. Your nanny, maid, gardener, secretary, nurse, nurse's aide, your children's teachers, the barista at StarFUCKOFFbucks, the cashier who makes your change at the local grocery store or supermarket - fuck, the seasonal, usually immigrant, workers who pick the produce that graces your fine dining table - are increasingly less likely to have health insurance, and, thanks to your, and your "have-more" buddies' attacks on unions and labor laws, are increasingly less likely to take sick days. Most of the devastating diseases that you could fall prey to result from crowded living conditions and poverty. Sure, you live out in the suburbs, in a gated community, but that's not going to protect you. Your mailman, the UPS delivery person, the meter reader, the shipping clerk. Your local grocery store gal or boy. They could be living in the city and commuting an hour or more to their jobs serving you. They all come in close contact with you.

Give them the goddamned health insurance and sick days, before you find yourself or your kids/families infected with XDR TB, or clostridium, MRSA, or hantavirus, or the plague. It's all out there baby, in this great big sea of humanity, and we're all swimming in it.

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