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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Politics - Vote Suppression, Voter Fraud

I've heard people of my acquaintance say, "Well, what exactly was illegal about the firing of the U.S. attorneys?" I usually refer them to Firedoglake, which has done a bang-up job of covering the AttorneyGate scandal (as I like to call it) and the Libby trial. EmptyWheel of The Next Hurrah produced coverage detailed enough that the press looked to her for their information. That said (and linked), it looks as if the straw and pigshit walls of the Bushies' castle is about to come tumbling down around their ears. For, lo and behold, investigative journalist Greg Palast has posted the email with the attached caging list that Tim Griffin, Karl Rove's aide, created to destroy the right to vote of Americans who are homeless or serving in the Army??? What the fuck?

Okay, just think of me as an iggerant furrner, but isn't the right to vote the very basis of a democracy? And, I can understand scrutinizing the homeless voters, who might not have a fixed address and might be more likely to be targets of identity fraud, or illegal voting practices, or other shenanigans. But manufacturing a bogus war, shipping off poor and minority people to fight in it, and, while they're away, busily implementing a scheme to ensure that their vote is not counted when they're not even around to contest it - that takes slimy Machiavellian tactics to an entirely new low. Are you angry yet, people? While George Bush lied the country into a war which he sent YOUR FUCKING KIDS to fight, he was busy stealing their votes!!! No wonder the goddamned war drags on! How many in the military might have voted for a strong progressive, or even a Democrat, instead of the Rethuglicans who took power?

There is no hell bad enough for the architects of this outrage.

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