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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Health - Memory Loss And Aging

Brain image courtesy of Auntie Beeb

Well, most of the linked story doesn't concern the average consumer in the U.S., where just about every grain product is already enriched with folic acid/folate. What's interesting about the story is that lack of folic acid is linked with memory loss. Eat lotsa green veggies, they're a good source of folate. Unfortunately, B12 mostly derives from animal sources. Pity we're not allowed to eat other human beings, of which there are already way too many.

Dad, who is quite elderly, was going through a dangerous period of absentmindedness when I took him to see the geriatrician, who promptly ordered B6/B12 injections for him. He now gets them regularly, and seems to have returned to his usual mentally sharp self (although he still regularly "forgets" to use his hearing aid - I put "forgets" in quote marks because I notice he's never "forgotten" his glasses, so I suspect there's a dollop of vanity and selectiveness in this hyar forgetting), barring the fact that he's deef as a post, of course. Which makes for amusing conversations, though all that screaming can be a bit tiresome.

"Where's your hearing aid?"
"Paid? I thought you paid the bills."
"Your hearing aid!"
"I haven't driven for years. I don't know what you're talking about. I don't drive any more."
"Dad! You can't hear me, put in your hearing aid! You're deaf!"
"Why must we talk about death? You children are so morbid."
"Can you hear me?"
"There's no need to shout like that, I can hear just fine."

At this point, I usually graciously concede defeat and put a cold towel on my forehead. Mind you, his hearing seems fine when I start swearing.

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