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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Health, Food - Police Officer Sues McDonalds

Warning: Do not read this at mealtime, and don't read it at all if you have a weak stomach.

Whatever happened to work ethic? And knowing the difference between pranks that provide amusement without cruelty as opposed to the incredible disgustingness of this? Don't click the link if you're easily disgusted. I read the story, and I swear I will never be able to eat at McDonald's again, ever. Not that I'm a huge patron of the place anyway, but I'm just all queasy even thinking about it. Blech.

McDonald's: The lesson for you to take away from this is, instead of devoting your energies to fight the definition of "McJob" as an entry-level shitwork job, you need to hire better people and train them adequately and treat them well. If you don't, you'll keep seeing this type of thing. And remember, there is no option to outsource these jobs.


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