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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Health - Go Vegan

It's the only safe alternative left. It may not be totally safe, but lookit, the EU wants to "re-examine" feeding animals to each other. In their quest for high-mindedness, they agree that cannibalism is not OK, but hey, feed the BSE cow brains to the pigs, and the scrapie-infected sheep to the cows, and the trichomoniasis-laden pigs to the sheep, and everybody's fine, right?

Broccoli and brown rice for me. Pus-laden milk, mad cow disease, scrapie, trich, bird flu, melamine-laden fish and pigs and chickens, and ... who's profiting from this? We must find them and string them up from the nearest tree. Messing with my food is not OK, you swine.

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