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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Politics - Steve Gilliard Dead

Maxx and The Chiyuldrun would understand. I can't possibly post Caturday or Memorial Maxx now that Steve Gilliard is gone. He was one of the brightest lights of the blogosphere. I am deeply saddened, and if you're not, you haven't read what Steve had to say. No one - no one - had the depth and breadth of understanding of military history and strategy that Steve Gilliard had.

He didn't take shit from anyone, and he never had a problem calling bullshit when he smelled it. I've missed his incisive take on the Iraq war since he first fell ill. Steve, you'll never know what an inspiration you were to me! History is my passion, but I've never been able to absorb the military aspect of it the way you did.

The world is a sadder and emptier place without you, Steve.


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