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Monday, May 14, 2007

Politics - A Candidate Who Makes Sense

Of all the candidates on the Republican side, there is not one that I think would make a good leader of the nation. Not a nation that has been so deeply and systematically corrupted and destroyed after six years of misadministration.

The candidates on the Democratic side are a little more appealing. However, I don't trust Hillary Clinton, and find her too weaselly to lead a nation. I like Barack Obama but I think he needs to spend more time learning the ropes before he can aim at such a high office. I did not find Richardson impressive. Like Hillary Clinton, he seems too mainstream. But I'll keep an open mind about him. I have nothing but contempt for Biden, Senator CreditCard, the gasbag in love with the sound of his own voice. I like John Edwards a lot. He's smart and savvy and seems to be the most progressive of the lot. But he too has a lot to learn.

Then I saw this video. I have no idea what Gravel's chances are. But he is the most progressive of the voices at the Democratic debate.

What do you think? Give him a listen, and then let me know.

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