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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Women's Rights - Update On Irishwoman

She will not be prevented from travelling to the U.K. to abort her anencephalic fetus. This is good. However, I'm furious that they put her through all this. The later an abortion is performed, the greater the health and safety risks for the woman (although abortion is still less risky than pregnancy). We won't even talk about the degree of pain the woman suffers.

Why in the fuck would a man or a group of men, any men at all, get to weigh in on a decision of this sort? They do not get pregnant, they will never know what a pregnancy is like, yet they can prevent a young woman from making a medically necessary decision like this? Look at that picture. That's a highly sanitized "cuted-up" picture of an anencephalic baby. The creature will not live for more than a day or two, and will most likely suffer excruciatingly in its short life, because what little brain matter it has is exposed to the open air, as is its spinal cord. How on earth anyone can say that this creature should be forced to live and be born, only to die in pain and suffering, is beyond me. And for what? To satisfy their religious superstition? Or to punish the mother for having dared to be sexual?

The scary thing is, the young woman apparently wanted the baby quite a lot. And she's determined to try again. What will she do if the second one is as unfortunate as the first? Yech.

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