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Monday, May 14, 2007

Iraq - Missing GIs

Abeer Qasim al-Janabi

I seem to remember Riverbend stating when fourteen-year-old Abeer Qasim al-Janabi was gang-raped and murdered by U.S. servicemen that the al-Janabi clan was large and would definitely avenge their murdered clanswoman. Previously, several U.S. troops had been tortured and killed and the murders were claimed as the revenge of the al-Janabis for the rape, murder, and mutilation of the child and her entire family.

Now, another group of servicemen has been captured, some murdered, and once again, the perpetrators are claiming it is vengeance for Abeer Qasim Hamza.
"You should remember what you have done to our sister Abeer in the same area."
statement from the Islamic State of Iraq

I can understand that this case would inspire this kind of passion in Iraqis. A young child in a country groaning under foreign occupation, seized and gang-raped by the very forces of that occupation. In a country where, traditionally, women have been secluded and a family's "honour" rests on the chastity of its women. I don't believe al-Qaeda has anything to do with the capture of the servicemen.

I suppose we shall see. But the blood of Abeer Qasim, her family, her kinsmen, even her murderers, is on the hands of this pathetic bunch of hacks who started this war under false pretenses.

The captors have threatened their prisoners:
"What you are doing in searching for your soldiers will lead to nothing but exhaustion and headaches. Your soldiers are in our hands. If you want their safety, do not look for them," the Islamic State of Iraq said on a militant Web site.
Not that the Bushite military gives a damn about the lives and well-being of the servicemen. They're conducting a massive search for them.

Now if you were a guerilla fighter with three prisoners in danger of being discovered, what would you do with your prisoners? That's right. Kill them and dispose of them quickly. I fear their bodies will be found soon.

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