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Friday, May 04, 2007

Memorial Maxx

Today is Maxxie's Memorial Day. Every Friday we remember how much joy that sweet little Lion Kitty brought to the InnerTubez. We will never forget him, even though we know he's happy and free, riding far away on a plushy-tailed comet. In this pic from the very talented FourLegsGood, Maxxie's parent, Maxxie kills his carrot. Doesn't he have the most beautiful toesies? Sweet boy.
Maxxie's Ride

This is Comet Maxx, on which Maxxie took his ride home to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. On his way there, he very kindly stopped to scoop up a whole bunch of other peepls and critterz who needed a ride. Dear generous Maxx. How I miss him!

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