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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Iraq War - Billions Spent, Down The Drain

I'm thinking, they could have spent those billions right here, rebuilding the city of New Orleans.

Giving health care to all Americans.

Rebuilding the aging infrastructure of the country. Securing ports, bridges, freeways, against future terrorist attacks.

But Chimpy McJeebustard, the man with the reverse Midas touch, finds a way to make spending umpteen billion yield shit: [...]
Poor planning and coordination by U.S. officials meant that even successful individual projects failed to do the job; for example, health-care centers were built at great cost but had no water and sewer service. Poor work-site management by contractors meant that some projects went awry.


"What reconstruction?" Othman said in an interview last week. "Today we are drinking untreated water from a plant built decades ago that was never maintained. The electricity only visits us two hours a day. And now we are going backwards. We cook on the firewood we gather from the forests because of the gas shortage."
The cost to taxpayers? $38 billion. Of course, that doesn't include the tons of cash that were airlifted into Iraq and disappeared into unnumbered Swiss bank accounts.

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