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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Politics - Mission - Hey, What?

Raising The Banner

Woo-hoo! Some very gutsy people commemorated Commander Codpiece's fourth anniversary! Did any of you remember that this is four years to the day since the Boy King announced that hostilities were, ha ha, over? As the death toll rises by leaps and bounds, and children, women, elderly people, the disabled, the sick, and the poor die by the thousands, as we send more young Americans to be shot to defend a bunch of slimy Swiss-bank-account holders who benefit from American taxpayers' largesse, as a beautiful American city struggles to find itself while being completely ignored by the same "leaders" who airlifted billions of dollars to their corrupt friends in Iraq -- the fourth anniversary of this war goes unremarked by most. Goddammit, are we all asleep? WAKE UP, EVERYONE! WAKE UP AND END THIS MADNESS!!!

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