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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Women's Rights - Is There No End To The Horror?

This case concerns a young Irishwoman who might be forced to have an anencephalic fetus brought to term, in other words, Irish courts may force her to bear a sprog who has no brain and who will live for a day or two before dying, probably in pain, because they're fucking medievalist morons who think the life of a brainless lump of fetal flesh is more important than the life, health, and wishes, of a grown human being who, because she happens to have a vagina rather than a penis, is seen only as a container for the aforesaid lump of fetal flesh.

Holy fecking Mary Mother of God. What the feck these eejits hope to accomplish by this I do not know. Any vagina owner who reads about this must rush out and have their tubes tied, clipped, or otherwise destroyed, because if they don't they're complicit in letting the state treat them as containers with legs. Fuck me blind. I mean, it's possible for men to bear children these days, so why not just randomly designate some penis owner to be forced to bear this sprog? Would any man in his right mind put up with this? Feck, no!

Mind you, it's not as if we're seeing an overwhelming swarm of men rushing to bear sprogs, or otherwise act like containers on legs. Perhaps we should ask the judges of these courts to spread 'em first, eh? EH??? Feckin' eejits.


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