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Saturday, April 07, 2007

War Kills

There is something so very sad about this picture. Found over on Tentmaker in a post titled "War Kills Children." I titled my post, simply, "War Kills." I think the childcentricity of our world as it currently is obscures many important political facts, the two most important being:
  • The world is very severely overpopulated, which is the main contributor to global warming, and
  • Deifying children means never having to address the real issues children face, such as their complete powerlessness and maltreatment on a global scale.
That said, the image is very poignant and causes an odd pain in my innards. The hand caressing that small dead face, eyes upturned in astonishment. Someone who loved that child dearly is burying it.

War kills. And it is not indiscriminate in its choice of victims. It kills the elderly and the disabled, the very young, the sick, women, the weak, animals, plant life. Why are we still in Iraq? And why, today, do I pick up the Daily BirdcageLiner to read that bombs are being dropped on the city of Diwaniyah?

I wish I believed in a deity so I could ask it to stop this horrible war.

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