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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Health - Cervical Cancer and Fundie Nutcases

Looks as if Germany has just made the decision to vaccinate young girls against HPV. Soon, every country in the world will have done the same, and the only sufferers of cervical cancer will be American women, whose rights have been curtailed by insane firebreathing assholes who will never, themselves, run the risk of dying of a totally preventable disease.
I'm sick of hearing these sanctimonious, prudish morons carping endlessly about how only those who fuck promiscuously are at risk. That is simply not true. Because all you have to do is have intercourse one time with someone who has the (symptomless) virus.
Death should not be an acceptable punishment for sex. A rape victim at any age, male or female, is at risk. Any woman who has sex is at risk. Even if you're the most uptight, knees-glued-together, sex_once_a_decade_with_fundie_prude_partner woman, you're at risk.
And given the multiple sex scandals raging through the halls of sanctimonious godbaggery, let me just say your risk is probably higher if you're a godbag or related or married to a godbag. Sheesh!

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