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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Health - Bush's Push For High-Deductible Plans Explained

Gee, I guess the proper question to ask whenever the Bushites propose, or do, anything at all is "Cui bono?" Or, more aptly, "Who profits?"

Thanks to Blue Marble Blog at Mother Jones, we discover that the high-deductible plans the Bushites love so much are equivalent to a $1,000 pay cut for women. They're not so damned hot for older and younger people, either. In other words, if you're a healthy young male, you're OK, and if you're anyone else, you're fucked.

Harvard Researchers at Cambridge Health Alliance Find High Deductible Plans Penalize Women, Middle-Aged Adults, Sick Children

Study Title: Consumer-Directed Healthcare: Except for the Healthy and Wealthy It's Unwise

The above found at Cambridge Alliance's site, which is where you should go if you want to find a link to the actual study.

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