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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Uncle Ramon Passes The Torch

Way back when Ramon Rivera, shadow-dancer extraordinaire, lived at Casa de Los Gatos, and little Bandicoot and Zingiber were just tiny younguns come home with us for the first time, I worried that the kittens would be lonely, cooped up in the house all day with Faridah Peeples, that accomplished hater of all other lifeforms. Ramon, being the angel he was, took Bandicoot under his paw and showed him All Things Catly at Casa de Los Gatos. (He never did warm up to Zingiber, but we all know Zingiber is neurotic, and I think he got on Ramon's nerves.)
Then Ramon departed, and Faridah left us, and Domino and Simona came, but elected to stay outdoors. Gustav, Greta, and Corky the Dog.
Bandicoot is a good soul, and took it all in stride. Next Simona disappeared, then Greta died, and Gustav (Greta's son) was utterly bereft without his mother. No social skills at all, poor kid, and a pretty bad herpes infection that seems to have affected both his vision and his smellsense. So I'm guessing he lives in a dimly lit world, because his way of greeting other animals is to rush right into their faces.
Imagine my delight when Bandicoot allowed Gustav to slide under his paw, in turn, and became Uncle Bandicoot to a very sad and bereft lonely little kittyboy (obnoxious, anxious, and psychotic, too, but who's counting?):

Uncle Bandicoot Parents Gus

That's how they usually sleep - Gustav curled up inside Bandicoot's immense fluffitude. Not for nothing is the Coot affectionately known as The Area Rug!
Although sometimes when Gustav is too annoying, Bandicoot sleeps ON TOP of him. I'm hoping he knocks that off without my intervention. He's quite the heavyweight, and Gustav is barely 10 lb.

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At 10:27 PM, Blogger Sandy-LA 90034 said...

That picture and your charming description of life with los gatos in your home is so sweet. Bandicoot rules! What a gorgeous boy he is.

At 9:25 PM, Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

He is our dear little Buddha cat with his rubbable furry belly!


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