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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Health - So Much For Tamiflu

Remember when the avian flu scare had whole nations scrambling to stockpile Tamiflu?

At the time, my main thought was, well, I guess people in poor countries, and poor people in rich countries, are equally screwed. Because betchu big bux Dick "Dick" Cheney, erstwhile member of Halliburton's Board of Vampires, isn't going to lack the wherewithal for a shot. And neither is his LESBIAN daughter, Mary, who will probably be one of the very very few LESBIANs to survive such an attack.

Well, warm the cockles of my heart, world. Just today, Auntie Beeb tells us Tamiflu might not work as well as its makers had hoped. Guess you'll be down in the trenches with the common folk when it hits, Dick. Too bad, so sad. That is, if you don't commit suicide as a result of the (heh) cure.

I've always thought we'll all go together when we go.

Update and Disclaimer: I'm not yelling about Mary Cheney's lesbianism because of any prejudice towards lesbians on my part but because of the bone-crumbling hypocrisy of the entire Cheney family and the Repugnantcan party towards LGBT rights and towards Mary Cheney's UNMARRIED PREGNANCY. Even if her partner Heather has more balls than a pachinko parlor (got that from Alternate Brain, today).

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