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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Health - ARRRGH!!

Like I need to hear yet another diatribe about how unhealthy it is to be overweight:
A chemical produced by fat cells makes colon cancers grow faster, a US study has suggested.

The British Journal of Surgery study could help explain why severely overweight people appear to be at far greater risk of the disease.

A team at the University of California, San Diego found that the hormone leptin triggered increased growth in human colon cancer cells.
In my own defense, I spent most of my life carrying around a reasonable amount of weight - I've been very scrawny a few times in my life, but never very fat, just fatter than I want to be. However, since the damage to the knee and the resulting surgery, I have been at least 20 lb over a healthy weight. Right now, I'd like to lose about 50 lb., but if I lost 30, I'd be doing fine. I just think being skinny is better for damaged knees than being average.

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