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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Health News

A potential cure for Alzheimer's??? Science is wonderful! Just this month, I've already been treated to the wonderful news of a potential cure for diabetes. These two great scourges of human health, to be gone soon? One can only hope. Of course, the problem of thinning the herd remains with us. Let's be honest, there's quite a few humans whose purpose in life seems to be limited to (i) unwarranted consumption of oxygen and other resources that could better be used to support other lifeforms, human and not; (ii) serving as an example to those around them that evolution does not mean survival of the fittest, unless you define "fittest" as "best adapted to the existing environment."

Yet another study touting the benefits of olive oil. I see a rise in pasta consumption in this household. Okay, there's plenty of uses for olive oil other than pasta, but what better way to limit the quantity of red meat consumed at the same time?

Okay, so what's the deal here? Does it fookin' kill you or cure you, dammit? Last week it was "Breast cancer rates drop, linked to drop in HRT." This week, it's "Actually, estrogen prevents heart disease and protects against plethora of ailments associated with menopause." Whatthehell, just read it.

Funny how obesity doesn't seem such a problem where people don't get large quantities of calorie-dense food, but. I do have friends who are certifiably obese, and let's face it, the more you weigh, the harder (and more painful) it is to try and exercise the problem away. So any little thing helps. Except surgical intervention, which seems a rather heavy-handed way to solve the problem.

Of course, MS is a disease that primarily affects white folx, women more than men, but that doesn't mean there aren't other beneficial effects of taking vitamin D supplements. So, y'all white girls, I've upped my vitamin D intake, now up yours!

This is just sickening. Why the fuck do the godbags get to tell us when and how and why to live and die? Why don't they stick to governing their little flock of sheeple??? Truly, I'm just sick and tired of their nosy interference. Sod off, you eejits. What's it to you how and how often people fuck or brush their teeth or the color of their underwear? Why is it any of your business to regulate the length of women's hair or the nature of people's sexuality? Who cares what other folx dine on on Fridays? The fookin' pope, that's who. Doesn't he have enough to do? I can just see a deity deciding that meat shall be verboten on Fridays. That's a deity with nowt much to do, eh? Clearly too busy mandating and designing Sacred Underwear to worry about saving the last of the whales or preventing disease or ameliorating the suffering of the oh-so-suffering masses!!

Finally, maybe a cure for MRSA! And other antibiotic goodness here.

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