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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Inanity, Insanity, You be the Judge

Seems to me just this week I was raving about what legislators of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish, or other, non-Muslim faiths might think of Rep. Virgil NotSoGoode's Christianist rantings.

Reality seems determined to whup me upside the head. Two Buddhists have been elected to the 110th Congress. I wonder how much Rep. Virgil likes the taste of shoe? P'raps we should get him a peppermint-soled pair for his next foot-in-mouth display.

A Hair Part With Bat Of Clue to Rep. NotSoGoode: when the Tuscaloosa newspapers think your attitude stinks, you're, ah, sadly in need of a paddle with which to navigate that creek o'shit in which you find yourself, buster.

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