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Friday, July 24, 2009

Animals: Rare Clouded Leopard Found

in Bangladesh. Nomming on a monkey.

Image copyright AFP

The Independent is reporting that this cute little 3-month-old clouded leopard cub was discovered with his mother and sibling having a little nom on a related (to us) species. Clouded leopards have been believed to be extinct in Bangladesh for over 20 years.

Villagers captured the cub in the hope of selling it, but have since been persuaded to release it. Hopefully, its mother will find the poor little thing and successfully raise it to adulthood.

OTOH, La Casa de Los Gatos feels that stupid hoominz deserve to be exterminated in large numbers to give other species with whom we share the planet a chance at reweaving the ecoweb. OTOH, it's somewhat heartening that the villagers gave Baby plenty of chicken (which he nommed enthusiastically) and milk to keep him fed and fit for his journey back to Mom.

Good luck, little one! Grow big and strong, and the rest of us will try to save your habitat so you'll have someplace to live when you grow up.

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