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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Turrrrrrrsm: How Many Lone Wolves

make a pack?

From MSNBC comes today's "lone wolf" story about yet another fucking demented rightard loony who just decided to off him a cop. To no one's great surprise, this fucking demented rightard loony, just like previous fucking demented rightard loonies, had a cache of bombs and other deadly devices, guns, and Nazi symbols. Law enforcement officials are currently investigating whether the fucking demented rightard loony, one Gilbert Ortez, Jr., has any ties to white supremacist groups.

Mr. Ortez' family are claiming that deputies illegally entered the home. Given that this took place in Texas, we at La Casa de Los Gatos will withhold judgment temporarily as to the exact degree of fucking demented rightard looniness involved here. OTOH, the entire fracas started because the water supply company sent a meter reader there to shut off the water for nonpayment of bills, and Mr. Ortez' "common-law wife," one Pamela Leggett, apparently decided to register her disapproval of this act by shooting at the meter reader. Whereupon the cops were called. And one of them tried to enter the trailer and was shot dead for his pains.

What argues most strongly in favour of the currently very late Mr. Ortez being a fucking demented rightard loony, however, is the vast quantity of munitions yielded by his premises. What the fuckin' fuckity-fuck in fuckellation does anybody need with over 100 bombs?

Here, we would like to make the following snarky aside: How come most "leftwing activists" or, if you prefer, "fucking demented leftard loonies," are, like, you know, some sandalista longhaired dudes and dudines with posters and buttons and signs saying things like "Peace Now," and "No More War," and shit like that, and the most grief they give you is, they're, like, stopping or slowing your morning commute or your desperate daily reconnaisance for that urgently needed Starbucks triple decaf soy mocha latte, or whatever that trendoid shit is? And the "lone wolf" rightwing dementards are usually, like, blowing the holy fuck out of the local cops or potentially wiping out the whole fuckin' trailer park, or killing some, like, nice smiley dude who makes a shitty wage opening doors at some local institute dedicated to the prevention of violence, or something?

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