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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Politics: Goodbye To The Old

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No, wait, that's "Goodbye to the new, Hello to the old." If you haven't already heard, Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor of Maryland, and the only Black Republican who's gotten more than the crumbs off the Republican table in its entire history — is now back to getting crumbs off the table.

Yep. What did YOU think when Steele got elected Chair of the RNC? Did you think, "Wow, the Republican Party is wising up, they can see they need to be more inclusive, yada, yada, yada?" Of course not. Because YOU have something between your ears, like a brain. La Casa de Los Gatos had a reaction alright. We here at this fine blog, your hosts for the evening, we said, "Whoa, that man is a fool. Doesn't he know the only reason the Republicans are putting him out there is so they can take potshots at President Obama without being called racist to their face?"

They're hiding behind the Black guy taking shots at another Black (well, we know he's biracial, but those Republicans, they still think a single drop of Black blood in your ancestry makes you BLACK!) guy. They're putting brown Piyush ("Bobby" for those Texan legislators who can't pronounce his name) Jindal up as the shining new star who will be on the 2012 ticket for President. Well, they were, until he made a total ass out of himself with his rebuttal to Obama and his mocking of the money budgeted for volcano research right before that Alaskan volcano blew up.

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So while the rest of us were cringing at the sight of Michael Steele being forced to retract his comments about Flush Rimbowl as an "ugly, incendiary" radio entertainer, while we watched him teabag Rushbo, the True Leader of the Republicans, while we wondered how many insults the Repubs could dump on him before he quit, Steele himself was joyously donning kneepads without complaint.

Well, OK. We all KNOW Rush runs the Rethug Party these days. Steele backed down because he didn't have the guts to take on that blubbery swine. Not many Republicans do. But when the Good Ol'boys Party announced that they didn't trust Steele with the money, we thought, this is it. Fer sure, he's gonna quit now and walk away with what's left of his dignity intact. But Newt Gingrich pretended to support him and it looked like he was going to sail on for a while. Still, the fact that these racist old bastards could even suggest "spending controls" on Steele that they didn't suggest to the last bunch of crooks and thugs who cleaned out their treasury should have been a hint to Steele, don't you think?

Uh-uh. No, sirree. I don't know what-all is wrong with that man, but it is soul-deep. Today, we learn from the official Moonie paper, the Washington Times, that Steele has made a backdoor deal with those same racist old bastards. They're taking control of the money away from him. Note: The link is to the Huffington Post story. I refuse to link to the Moonie times. You wanna get brainwashed by Sun Myaung Moon, do it on your own damn time.

I can understand the Repukes wanting some controls on Steele. After all, he's still under investigation for supposedly paying his sister's defunct company for work that was apparently never done, along with other questionable expenditures. And the Rethugs' repeated experiences with their dubiously-ethical fellow travelers have surely inspired them to err on the side of prudence. One hopes.

But when they force the man to rehire some of the weaselly backstabbers that he fired for using his nether side as a pincushion, you have to wonder.
The agreement, proposed by several current and former RNC officials, ... [makes] 33-year RNC veteran Jay Banning, who was fired by Mr. Steele along with his deputy last month, an on-call adviser to the RNC treasurer. Mr. Banning was seen as a trusted liaison to RNC members critical of Mr. Steele's tenure and financial management.

"I regard them - the Steele administration - bound by it," former Republican National Committee General Counsel David Norcross told The Times on Tuesday.
So, Michael, it's time to get up on your hind legs and walk off, before they rub your face so deep in the crumbs you turn a glorious shade of beige.

I've never liked Steele, but I do feel sorry for him. The fact that he's accepting the indignities heaped upon his head makes him complicit in his own humiliation and makes me wonder where the fuck his self-respect is, but, you know, people who grew up in an era where racism was rife learned to bow and scrape to get by, and maybe this is just a manifestation of old, painfully-learned habits. Maybe. Because, you know, if not, I don't know. Just, durr, I guess.

The only joy to be derived from this is in the comments by the many Republicans who post at the Moonie Times. Therefore I offer herewith a small sample for your LOLment:
[Name removed]

how dumb. once again, the narrow-minded leaders of our party have shown their stupidity. when will it stop? when we are merely a hate-bating cult with narrow interests and appeal to match our narrow-mindedness. pitiful.

[Name removed]

I don't know who Norcross, Pullen, Kaufman or Poitevint are, but they sound like dinosaurs. This power play is petty and self-defeating. You either have values or you don't and if these people want to compromise their values, then they can do a "Specter". To make Mr. Steele re-hire someone he the height of insult and arrogance. I don't know Mr. Banning either, but my guess is he is a Rino just like the four already named. I am an Independent with conservative leanings and these men make me want to tell them all where to go because THEY are the problem, not the cure.

[Name removed]

I think it's great that there are people putting a short leash on Steele. What's wrong with having some sort of checks and balances on expenditures?

[Name removed]

We lost to Scott Murphy in NY because "insiders" played power games rather than concentrating on winning an election. If they kick Steele out my monthly contributions will stop and I'll just concentrate on state races. What are they trying to do, show how effectively they can repeat McCain 08?

[Name removed]

Michael Steele, an impressive self-made man has now been punked twice by the Republican party. First, someone bamboozled him into a suicidal senate campaign against Benjamin Cardin, a long-time Democrat apparatchiki in a state dominated by yellow-dog Democrats. If he'd stayed on as LT Governor of Maryland, he was a virtual shoo-in to succeed Bob Ehrlich, who, without Steele at his side, threw away his re-election. Next, someone convinced this bright but gullible man that he could make a difference as Chairman of the RNC. I suspect the appointment was made with the full knowledge the committee would castrate him as they've done. What a waste.

[Name removed]

I can't figure out why the chose him only to take away his powers and why he accepted the job, he looks and is so weak in his position, he is just a Republican joke now.

[Name removed]

[Name removed] says-- "I think it's great that there are people putting a short leash on Steele" A short leash-huh? Where no leash has ever been put before; around the neck of the RNC Chairman. This has further made the GOP seem petty and suicidal.

[Name removed]

I say the hell with running an election to win. It's time we either retake the Republican Party from the "ELITES" or create our own new one. Our forefathers, as well as great Americans today, have and are laying their lives down for principle. Without principles the REPUBs have degenerated into DEMOs light, manipulated by George Soros as he is the pupetmaster for Sen McCain and President Obama. Secure the borders Drill and Build Re-establish American Manufactoring Fair Tax NOW Quit bankrupting our Nation!

[Name removed]

In addition, I will NEVER again vote for any globalist, International, New World Order, CFR member again. American Independence from Trans National Kapitalist! The two party system has evolved into a TOTAL joke.

[Name removed]

I have not followed the RNC until lately, but to date I am not impressed with anything they have done. Mr Steele is a moderate to my opinion and I disagree with that stance. I am becoming more of the opinion we need a new party - Fiscal Conservative Constitutionalists. It used to be the RNC was that party, but not for a very long time.

[Name removed]

I am for the right of citizens to carry and possess guns. That right evidently includes foot shooting by the leaders of the few.This is the same group that pushed in McCain and Dole and maintains the election of candidates by the minority within the circle. Bring back leadership and say so long to the old white mens party of the few.

[Name removed]

Interesting comments here, I don’t believe anyone could argue the fact that McCain is a Fiscal Conservative. I really wish he would have won the election because he is not one of the few radical right extremists’ left over from last century. As a republican living here in Pa. surrounded by mostly democrats, I know Mr. Steele is very correct not wanting to label all democrats as “socialists”. Do you realize how many people would be highly insulted? Don’t we want to build and strengthen the Republican Party?

[Name removed]

haha hello mr. figurehead they should just elect a new chairman and make it official
Incidentally, if it makes you happy, Piyush Jindal is groveling at Rushbo's rear end awaiting the moment when he can plant those puffy fish lips (obligatory Salman Rushdie reference) in the required kiss, truly an osculum obscaenum.

* For those who didn't get the Pizza Picture: the whilom leaders of the Republican Party — Jeb Bush (AIIIEEE!! Another scion of that cursed house?!?), Eric Cantor, John McCain, and some other weasel whose name I've already forgotten — met last weekend at a pizza parlor to "rebrand" the Republican Party. It's now the National Council for a New America. It would have been less full of FAIL and PWNAGE if they hadn't handed out press releases that got the name of the group wrong — National Cabinet for a New America. Further FAIL and PWN was assertively solicited by Cantor when he brayed about how this bunch of punks was gonna get on a campaign bus or something and go on a Listening Tour. Until Flush Rimbowl heard about it. Since Rush is deaf due to some serious drug abuse, he doesn't want nobody doin' no listening. So he abused Cantor in no uncertain terms. Now Cantor has withdrawn all them listeninging and announced that he will, as Rushbo ordered, be taking a teaching tour. Good work, GOP!! Tell the sheeple what to think. Why bother listening to the masses, that bunch of woolly-brained baaa-lambs?

No, this is not El Blobbo, just some random cute, grubby, rude brat

In other heart-cockle-warming news, Teh Blobular Bigot gave Arlen Specter the rigid-digit salute for a goodbye gesture and told him to get out (of the Republican Party) and "take McCain and his daughter with you." To my utter amazement, McCain, who is famous for losing his volatile temper and shoving little old ladies in wheelchairs apparently fears El Blobbo just as much as the other weak-kneed maiden aunts of the Republican Party. Even Meghan McCain, who has had all of one job in her whole life, and needn't fear being fired or blacklisted (not with Mommy's hundred million dollar estate) fails to deploy her acid tongue in response. Is there a single courageous individual in the Republican Party? No, of course not.

And I'm glad.

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