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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Entertainment? Say WHAT?

Given that we just commemorated the anniversary of the Jewish Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto (April 19th), I, personally, find these lying mealy-mouthed fuckheads from Fux News and their ex-Bushwa friends too fucking hard to take. Apparently, Jon Stewart does too.

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Look, you pitiful, hypocritical, butt-sucking, rump-swabbing, anal-poisoned (thanks Flush Rimbowl), yam-sniffing (thanks, Maru!) detritus off a devil's hoof, I realize full well that you don't have the first clue about what comprises ethics, honour, morals, righteousness, good, truth, justice, and what-all. But when you trot out Darth Cheney from whatever pit of evil he frequents to frolic about yawping about how he thinks he and his comrades-in-evil have nothing to apologize for, well, then, you pathetic wastes of air, it's time for a dozen or more resounding thwacks with the trademarked La Casa de Los Gatos' Golden Bat o'Clue:

Dick, here's a list of my wishes for you:
  • May you die soon in excruciating agony a thousand times worse than any of the tortures your minions inflicted on people;
  • Until you die, may you develop some hitherto unknown ailment that causes you agony a thousand times, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, see previous item.
  • May you go down in infamy for all time so that no creature ever mentions your name again without appending to it the descriptors of "torturer, murderer, liar, vermin, unethical swine, profiteer, dirtbag, Satan'spawn, whoreson," and the like ad infinitum;
  • May you never know another night's peaceful sleep from this day forward;
  • May all living creatures shun your touch and turn away from you, including your own family;
  • May you be haunted by the voices and faces of those who have died and suffered because of your acts, direct or indirect, and your omissions;
  • May death become sweet release for you, to be desired with all your energy, and may it elude you until life is nothing but pain and torture, to the same extent that you made others' lives pain and torture.
You vile scum of worthless protoplasm, more evil than the world has ever known, may no medicine alleviate an instant of all the pain I wish on you.

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